@typriceisback Instagram Profile 4:54 AM Sep 12, 2018

Post more & I'll repost - got you in my saves so I won't forget

@aispuroe Instagram Profile 5:43 AM Sep 12, 2018

I just love how you send the message.. you are amazing

@motivation2.study Instagram Profile 5:37 PM Sep 12, 2018

@typriceisback that's awesome! so happy to hear that you enjoyed the video and we definitely plan to post more in the near future! 😄

@the_millionaire_motive Instagram Profile 2:39 AM Sep 23, 2018

Hey cool stuff. Check us out as well. We got some great content that you may like as well.

@nostalzya Instagram Profile 3 days ago

@roobamaryam watch this whole video from somewhere and i tell you it’s worth it (can’t send over instagram or gmail so bummer)

@nostalzya Instagram Profile 3 days ago

@roobamaryam changed my life. This guy changed my life! I knew all those things but you know the difference between experienced knowledge and the actual knowledge, well this was the actual one and I so am gonna do that. I’m already half way there since I have no interest in technologies for vast usage and neither I make friends over the phone (except you ofcourse since there’s no other choice to interact with this mega-mind)